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I was that child whose room was full of little boxes of collected treasures - an old spoon from under the house, a ring of skeleton keys, a desiccated tree frog, the wings of a dragonfly pulled from the grill of a car. Nature and rejected man-made objects alike fascinated me. They still do. My bookshelves are lined with free souvenirs from my travels - a fossil, a game piece, marbles, scraps of driftwood, an old pipe. A few years ago, I began blending components of my "junk" collection with my passion for arranging insect specimens. This led me towards the artificial mechanization of my pieces, utilizing components extracted from vintage watches and defunct machinery. Each piece is crafted with considerable attention and care. Each piece is unique. I invite you to take a close look - appreciate the intricacy that is possible when natural beauty and discarded materials share the same space. 

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